Choose the base to launch from and explore your destinations!

Charter a yacht to Florida Keys and explore.

Florida Keys

Key West is a boating paradise located at the end of the Florida Keys in South Florida. The climate is subtropical with SE winds most of the year. There…

Charter a yacht to Miami and explore.


Our Miami location is based in Coconut Grove, which is one of the oldest parts of Miami. This neighborhood was founded in 1873 by an eclectic mix of pioneers,…

Charter a yacht to Bahamas and explore.


Our Bahamas base is located in Marsh Harbor Marina and is a perfect starting point to embark on a Bahamas yacht charter. The location features a fine restaurant,…

Charter a yacht to St. Petersburg and explore.

St. Petersburg

The Harborage Marina at Bayboro, located on St. Petersburg's downtown waterfront, offers boat owners virtually every amenity under the sun. Located just…

Charter a yacht to British Virgin Islands and explore.

British Virgin Islands

We have a wide arrange of bareboat and fully crewed options in the BVI's, as well as down the Caribbean island chain. Contact our Charter Specialist to…

Charter a yacht to Cuba and explore.


Visit the exciting Caribbean island of Cuba, now one of the fastest growing Caribbean attractions. We offer bareboat, captained and fully crewed legal…